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Thursday, 13th May, 2021
Meet your AfricanCEO…

An Exclusive Interview of Chief Barrister Lowo Obisesan
CEO of Black&White Law Firm


Question: Can we meet you sir?

Answer: my name is Chief Barrister Lowo Obisesan

Question: Can we know how your growing up time was?

Answer: I will say that my childhood period is close to the people that grew with silver spoon, because I was living with my maternal granddad who happened to be rich because my dad was a very poor man before God change his life  to  be a force to be reckoned with immediately I lost my mum I was force to be taken to my maternal grand dad, so I was living with him then, who was one of the richest men in Ibadan, Chief Lapade Obisesan, he was a lawyer and a businessman and was fantastically doing well, I was brought to his house and that was where I was brought up.

You know when one lost his mum at that tender age; the grand parents will spoil the grand child by giving him the best they could afford. Averagely I was brought up in that kind of home, it has never been rough I must confess.

Question: How difficult or easy was the starting point of your career?         

Answer: I must be honest with you, I first went to the college of Education when I did not get a job in the teaching service after my youth service. Out of frustration I went to study B.A in History while some people said that I should go and do something else that will give me a better chance in life, that I should do something professional.

While I was given admission to study law at the Ogun State University, during that time God has answered my Dad then, though my mum’s dad got me car that I was using immediately I finished secondary school, so when my father discovered that it could be an insult on his part, the way they have been looking at him as a poor man, whom God has answered his prayers, he now got me a 504 Peugeot. That was the car I was using as a student when I was studying Law.

When I left the university as a law graduate I was given an opportunity to do my internship at Afe Babalola chambers. So from that place the old man was encouraging me, because  Afe Babalola SAN  does not believe in anyone that is not industrious, anyway, once a person was doing internship in his office, he will start studying you and that  formed how he pick those that will be employed there. In fact I actually appreciate that style and that is what I am trying to introduce here too. From there he noticed me and was giving me words of encouragement that if I want to be a lawyer, I must be a practicing lawyer not just anyone that will go to work in the bank or elsewhere and I followed his advice.

Question: How many times have you failed since you started your career?

The only time I  recorded failure was in my primary school because I was a spoilt child, they changed me from one school to the other, I can give you an example in 1967 I started primary school at Hope memorial Nursery and primary school I did not know what they were doing there, later I went to Adelakun Memorial primary school, same thing happened there, then I was changed to Olubadan primary school  which they later  withdraw me then my parents took me to Betrice Nursery and Primary school where I managed to pass primary school education and it gave my grand Dad a worrying mind that after he lost my mum at her early stage in life he expected me to be bright rather I was a failure as a child because I was a radical boy, I did not believe in reading but later in life, God used me to surprise my parents.

Question: How is politics affecting the economy of African continent?

The fact is speaking for itself because we do not have good leaders in Nigeria, we need to continue praying for this nation for God to change the minds of our leaders because when they get to power all they want is to enrich themselves, forgetting that it is only the Almighty God that can allow you to spend whatever you enrich yourselves with. Until when they know that, they will stop dealing with public funds the way they have been spending recklessly.

Majority of them have forgotten that the Almighty is the one who can only enrich a man, they take undue advantage of the position they find themselves to enrich themselves and I must be honest with you that is why their children are not doing well, go and check their homes, their children are into hard drugs cocaine, Indian hemp, heroine. That is the aftermath of the public funds they take for themselves which is supposed to be used for everyone.

It is a major problem that we are facing in Africa not Nigeria alone, our leaders have not yet realised that there is nothing the Almighty God does not give you, that will remain in your hands forever. So we just make passionate plea, it has been in existence even with the present day administration that we have seen here and only few of them that are doing fine particularly the ACN are better off compared with other states and what we are seeing there. I have to be honest with you, very soon everything will change, it is coming gradually.

Question: Take us through the Historic antecedent of your establishment, especially your law firm?

Since I was young I like black colour, so when I see black colour, it sometimes gives me an instinct, as if am very happy, so by the time I was growing up I told my foster mum then that I like black colour and she asked me that if you build a house or a car, will you paint it black? She then told me that people will say that am in a demonic society is if like black colour and she advised me to like white colour. So I decided that I to choose white and black colour when I was 9years old, ever since then anything they want to buy for me is usually white and black since they know that I like the colours. So I also made up my mind that all my companies will be called white and black if God enrich me so I named this law firm white and black, that is the genesis.

Question: What are the things you are into?

Let me give glory to the Almighty God, I have Sango Enterprise Nigeria Ltd, Lotep Nigeria Enterprise, Losyview, black and white Law Firm, Black and White Guest house in Nigeria and Dubai, Awero Enterprise, TM Africa foods in London, I have Taibat boutique in Africa.

Question: What advise do you have for upcoming CEOs?

My advise should be important for those who l know that they will be leaders of tomorrow, believe in yourself,, not to enrich yourself with public funds and believe that the best way to make money in life is through abnormal and devilish ways but believe in God that He can make life easier for you, if you are industrious the sky is you limit.

I want to appeal to African Youths to know that the best way to make it in life is by contributing to your society by the time you are  doing that, God will Answer your prayers by making you to benefit.

Question: Do you think the current economic situations and security situation in Africa can be of Assistance to up-coming CEOs.

If we change our principles, Mission and vision, things will be better, but for now we are a lost ram, we do not know where we are going, we have not discovered where we are going, if you look at the last two years, it looks as if the nation does not know what we are doing. There are leadership problems among political parties which should not be, if you want to go and serve people must you be fighting to be there? If you have something to offer people they will ask you to come not when you fight, it is clear that they are fighting for their inordinate ambition to be our leaders and the purpose of which is to siphon public funds.

Question: What is your worth in US Dollars?

As an investor, whatever you have will be re-invested so you will not have anything in your account. I am an ordinary man, I like investment, I do not have money.

Question: What is your staff strength?

Relatively I have 204 staff.

Question: Who is your mentor?

I have a lot of mentor, first is Alhaji Abdullateef Arisekola Alao, Chief Afe Babalola SAN, Lateef Fagbemi SAN and Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

Question: What are your parting words?

My parting words goes to the youths to be of good behaviour to the society and  always contribute  meaningfully to the society.