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Hotels in Africa

Africa is endowed not only with natural resources, but also, with various cultures and traditions. Many historical places are spread across various parts in the continent, and these has started to attract Tourists from every corner of the world, which often comes to visit historical sites, or attend various traditional festivities often held annually. CEOAFRICA through “Hotels in Africa” interface, has not only relieved Tourists the stress of searching for hotels which meet up their requirements, but has also assist in showcasing various 2,3,4,5, and 7 star hotels in Africa online. Those visiting “Hotels in Africa” interface would be able to have direct link into the websites of those African hotels of different categories that are partnering with CEOAFRICA, where various business activities could be done with any hotel of choice.


This will catalogue top hotels across Africa where CEOs can book and lodge for business. CEOAFRICA will facilitate a reasonable percentage discount for CEOAFRICA members, in any of their preferred hotels, as incentives for membership.

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