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Upcoming CEOs Membership Policies

Below are Terms and Conditions for Upcoming CEOs that would be making use of the Upcoming CEOs chat interface on CEOAFRICA social media network.

1) Membership registration form for the Upcoming CEOs would only be an online affair. There will be no provision for any form in print.

        2)  Any intending member on Upcoming CEOs chat could be an entrepreneur/intending entrepreneur/ students/apprentice, etc. He/she may, or may not have business establishment either in small scale, or large scale. He or she may, or may not be the founder of the business establishments.

     3) No religious, gender, ethnic or partisan discrimination of Upcoming CEOs on CEOAFRICA platform. Membership is opened to any Upcoming CEOs that has been certified by the panel of registrars. 

      4) The Upcoming CEOs, who already have a business establishment, must be devoid of any form of fraudulent act, thereby making it important that the business enterprise must be duly registered with the regulatory body in charge of companies and business establishments in the country of location. However, this doesn’t affect those that are yet to have their own establishment.

       5) The interface would be accessible and available for the use of an Upcoming CEO at a specified fee. This is expected to be renewed annually, thus becoming the annual due for Upcoming CEOs members.

       6) After the membership form must have been completed online, membership status will be confirmed within a period of Two (2) weeks.

       7) Any member, who fails to renew His or Her membership status by paying the specified annual due, will be denied access to the network until necessary things are done.

        8) While online with other Upcoming CEOs, members must note that no abusive, foul, threatening, or derogative language(s) will be allowed.

          9) CEOAFRICA may monitor, or record activities on our interfaces, especially ongoing interaction on the Upcoming CEOs interface, for training of our personnel, and for our own development.

       10) You are free to end your dealings with us at your convenient time. You may, or may not give us a prior notification to that effect.

       11) Under no condition should anybody upload malicious codes or viruses on this social media network.

      Deregistration: CEOAFRICA will not hesitate to deregister any member that violate the above-listed terms and conditions.

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