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Sunday, 11th April, 2021

CEOAFRICA clearly observe the need to identify and develop future business leaders who will evolve with new business ideas in Africa. These ideas, we hope, would metamorphose into greatness for these upcoming CEOs and the Continent at large.

Africa is one of the Continents where unemployment is on the upsurge despite the abundance presence of natural resources like crude oil, gold, diamond, platinum etc. Also, the Continent is blessed with rich soil for abundant food production, yet millions of Africans still live in abject poverty and hunger. Many graduates are being produced yearly from various higher institutions spread across the continent of Africa, whereas only few of these graduates are employed, while the rest have to seek for ways of survival which often lead majority into series of crooked means like internet advanced free fraud, petroleum pipeline vandalism, harmed robbery, kidnapping, militancy, prostitution, just to mention but few, all in getting their daily bread.

However, CEOAFRICA social media network through the “Upcoming CEOs” interface, aim to reduce drastically the unemployment rate in Africa. We have discovered that many graduate’s aspirations of getting the lucrative white-collar jobs after the completion of their higher institution programs, have left millions unemployed and under-employed, whereas many have forgotten other profitable ventures that exist. To curtail this futile expectation which have disappointed millions of African youths, CEOAFRICA seeks to promote entrepreneurship skills as a panacea for reducing unemployment amongst African youths.

On Upcoming CEOs interface, various entrepreneurship skills which will assist our African youths to be self-reliant would be regularly updated on our social media network. This section on Upcoming CEOs interface would be handled by experts who are skilled and competent in various entrepreneurial fields, particularly the lucrative ones that could be established with little capital.

Furthermore, these skilled tutors would assist in identifying the markets spread across the Continent of Africa, for any business introduced.

Another measure which CEOAFRICA is employing on this interface is the creation of a chatting platform where various Upcoming CEOs would be meeting online to interact, dialogue, familiarize, and discuss business development with each other. This Upcoming CEOs chat would attract various entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in their career, as they are to help in inspiring the novice who may also be on board. However, the Upcoming CEOs chat is open to those who have satisfied the approved registration criteria by the board members of CEOAFRICA.

Also, CEOAFRICA social media network, in contributing to the development of the youths while promoting entrepreneurial skills, wish to give back to the society. To achieve this, a reality show tagged UPCOMING CEOs REALITY SHOW” will be staged as a medium of identifying and building future Chief Executive Officers. Participants in the Show are selected based on the viability of their individual business plan. The winner of the Show goes home with a cash prize of $1million, which will be used to actualize the business plan under a 3 year supervision of some notable financial consultants.

CEOAFRICA is optimistic that if the above modalities are properly executed, Africa would soon witness a drastic transformation, particularly in the lives of our youths because unemployment would become a forgotten case in Africa, while future CEOs would be nurtured and well structured in facing numerous challenges which lies ahead.

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