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Disaster Management & Prevention

There is no continent that is immune from disaster, though its vulnerability to disaster varies. Disaster however can be triggered by both human activities and nature. For the continent to parade sustainable development, individual country government must have a proactive platform from where different types of disaster can be adequately managed.

For a safer continent and sustainable development in African continent, CEOAFRICA.com creates a platform where African investors as well as foreign investors are informed about disaster and disaster management in African continent. CEOAFRICA achieves this through collaboration with different disaster and emergency management organisations set up by different African government. Periodic articles and alerts about impending disaster in any part of the continent are posted on this corner.

Managing Flood Disaster with Tree Planting
Nigeria: (Jul 16, 2013) -

Flood is a disaster that usually proves to be fatal whenever it occurs. It is one of the most dangerous natural disasters that people don’t wish to experience at all. This...