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In its quest to bring the totality of African heritage, culture and tourist attraction to Africans and the rest of the world, CEOAFRICA.com has created an avenue where first hand information about African distinctive heritage can be viewed. Through CEOAFRICA Culture and Tourism Corner, African arts, culture and heritage will be packaged to enhance the continent’s development socially and economically. As a medium of information towards promoting the continent’s history and way of life, economic viability of the continent will be exposed, thereby promoting job creation and skill development. This platform among other things will feature the celebration of African royalty, social values, proverbs and core African ethos.

Investment opportunities in African tourism and hospitality sector will be regularly unveiled for potential investors to grab.


This is an interface where people get to know about various African cultures through the main custodians of culture, the Royal Fathers. CEOAFRICA, through this interface, have one-on-one interactions with a selected royal father, who would shed more light on the people’s culture, history, traditions, the dos and don’ts, and other vital things needed to know about the kingdom of that selected Royal Father. 

Nigeria: (Jul 26, 2013) -

Culture according to Oxford dictionary, is the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organisation of a particular country or group of people. Hill (1998), also defined...

Taraba State Govt Nigeria is committed to development of tourism
Nigeria: (Jul 03, 2013) -

The Taraba State government has expressed commitment to the development of its tourism potentials with a view to enhancing economic growth.
In an interview with our correspondent...